Why are UI/UX Designers Necessary?

Most businesses share the same set of goals: establishing brand identity, generating revenue, effective customer engagement. Increasingly, custom apps are the way businesses interact with their customer base. With everything riding on the success of an app, finding the right developer and UI/UX designer is critical.  A UI/UX designer ensures an eye-catching user interface and… Continue reading Why are UI/UX Designers Necessary?

Canto Cumulus: The Enterprise DAM Solution of Choice

Canto Cumulus offers the industry standard for customizable, flexible, and reliable digital asset management (DAM) enterprise solutions. With Canto Cumulus, users can easily find, manage, use, and structure assets. Unique DAM solutions for your business can be created using a custom interface, making it useful for multi-national and large companies that need an efficient way… Continue reading Canto Cumulus: The Enterprise DAM Solution of Choice

Understanding Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) helps businesses organize, store, retrieve, share, and find digital files. Think of it as building a centralized digital library where you and other stakeholders like your employees, contractors, and clients have controlled access to files, like documents, audio and video, presentations, photos, images, and more. Digital asset management can encompass different… Continue reading Understanding Digital Asset Management

Software Companies in Los Angeles – Built for Today’s Market

If you are a Los Angeles-based company with a need for custom software, you have two options: hire locally in Los Angeles or outsource the job to a company based overseas. While companies have traditionally outsourced overseas for cost reasons, the need for quality, custom development is causing more companies to keep their development resources… Continue reading Software Companies in Los Angeles – Built for Today’s Market

Top Mobile App Development Platforms

The demand for enterprise-ready mobile cross platform development is on the rise not only in Nextware’s home base of Orange County, but across the US. Large and medium sized companies, in particular, are adapting to the new mobile world. They now realize the many benefits of building their own enterprise-to-customer applications. This is why the… Continue reading Top Mobile App Development Platforms

Looking for More Efficiency? Look at Your Software.

Here at Nextware, we’ve helped a lot of companies in the Los Angeles area improve their efficiency. The right software will make any company into a tighter operation, allowing for more efficient customer relationships, following up on leads using sales and project management solutions, tracking project progress, and measuring employee performance. These kinds of developments… Continue reading Looking for More Efficiency? Look at Your Software.