What Makes Cumulus the Best Digital Asset Management Software?

In the world of digital asset management, Cumulus stands out as a sophisticated solution for enterprise level applications. It has a robust feature set to help organize and sort out digital content and files.

Cumulus uses metadata for organizing, indexing digital assets. Metadata is essentially information tagged within a file or piece of data, which describes or defines that data. This is what Cumulus looks at to properly sort and index assets. This digital asset management software also uses this information to make performing search functions and pulling pertinent data much more efficient.

Aside from providing the ability to store and track changes, Cumulus also assists in publishing digital content and assets on multiple platforms. Other features include the ability to create branded portals or pages where administrators can grant ‘read only’ or ‘download only’ access for your assets. This makes it easier to manage controlled access to data with different clients and varying access permissions.

Cumulus also has an iOS app to manage portal access and content on mobile devices. The package comes with a powerful search engine with filters and allows custom queries to help browse through catalogs faster. Cumulus likewise works with Adobe programs like InDesign for seamless integration for your digital assets. This gives users easy lookup of your digital assets directly from adobe InDesign.

What’s more, Cumulus also makes it much simpler to edit and extract metadata information from digital content. This is particularly useful for optimization and faster search. It also provides secure file transfer abilities with a single link, making file sharing as simple as dragging and dropping links. Files can also be organized into collections for easy sharing of grouped data like images, videos, PDF documents, etc. Cumulus is highly configurable and customizable, even without coding, so it is highly versatile and adaptable to specific needs.


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