Canto Cumulus Solutions

Implementing digital asset management (DAM) technology in your organization can help streamline routine processes. Canto Cumulus is a solution used by many businesses to seamlessly tag and process digital assets, ensuring control over distribution, access, and availability. To get started in Canto Cumulus, the first step is to find an experienced technology partner that is certified in providing support, implementation, and integration services.

Canto Cumulus allows businesses to easily access and organize their digital assets in one place. Digital assets can be anything from graphics, images, audio files, videos, and documents. Providers of Canto Cumulus solutions will implement an enterprise-level digital asset management solution that runs on sophisticated metadata information to simplify the way you store, sort, search, and track changes on your digital assets. Cumulus also allows for publishing of brand assets on different channels and platforms.

Canto Cumulus solutions come with many different features. One of the most notable features is Portals, which lets you reinforce your brand as you send large files. Cumulus Portals enable a better way to share and collaborate compared to drop-drive and non-branded boxes.  They also allow for the creation of multiple uniquely branded portals, saving both time and money.  Canto Cumulus is mobile-friendly, based on Bootstrap and HTML5, and provides unlimited download-only or read-only user access. Some of the other features that come with Cumulus Canto solutions are the iOS mobile app, workflow automation, and metadata editing, writeback, and extraction. Cumulus is easy to configure and keeps your file transfers secure.


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