Canto Cumulus: The Enterprise DAM Solution of Choice

Canto Cumulus offers the industry standard for customizable, flexible, and reliable digital asset management (DAM) enterprise solutions. With Canto Cumulus, users can easily find, manage, use, and structure assets. Unique DAM solutions for your business can be created using a custom interface, making it useful for multi-national and large companies that need an efficient way to repurpose and organize crucial visual content across geographies, teams, and regions. Canto Cumulus specialists can install the enterprise DAM solution on-premise or in the cloud.

Enterprise digital asset management using Canto Cumulus allows organizations to share resources easily. The solution is scalable and can be easily integrated with your ERP systems, product information systems, content management systems, document management systems, and other enterprise software solutions and environments that access digital media libraries. Some features to consider in a Canto Cumulus DAM software include asset relations, digital rights management, image watermarking, sales enablement, metadata management, and usage reporting. Solutions may also include features like an enterprise document management, version control, large file distribution, and metadata management.

Choosing Canto Cumulus for enterprise digital asset management systems ensures a clean and modern user interface that is mobile-responsive, without compromising the functionality to handle sophisticated metadata. The interface has a power search tool that lets you and your staff find whatever you need quickly and efficiently. Cumulus can easily be configured without custom coding. Hence, you can meet any DAM scenario, regardless of the system’s sophistication or simplicity. Cumulus keeps content secure by enabling granular permissions, which can be set at category, group, individual, or user asset level. Flexibility in deployment makes Canto Cumulus a good alternative to hybrid cloud with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure integrations.


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