Understanding Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) helps businesses organize, store, retrieve, share, and find digital files. Think of it as building a centralized digital library where you and other stakeholders like your employees, contractors, and clients have controlled access to files, like documents, audio and video, presentations, photos, images, and more. Digital asset management can encompass different software solutions for any application or requirement, but the best platform should have standard features like cloud storage, easy file retrieval, different sharing methods, and brand management. With DAM, your enterprise should be able to automate some aspects of the workflow, including backup and archival of files, e-commerce, and usage tracking.

With the proliferation of information of all kinds, data loss is a growing problem. Losing or being unable to find data can lower productivity and working efficiency, as well as affect the performance of the entire organization. Human error, hardware failure, theft, viruses, software corruption can cause data loss, which can be devastating when it occurs. Hence, it is important for a data asset management system to be properly designed and guaranteed to help companies overcome those challenges. Moreover, it should make data easy and secure to find.

An effective digital asset management system is typically a combination of high-quality software, hardware, and implemented support from a reputable service provider. That way, you have everything you could ever need to make it effective in your organization. DAM systems should help boost productivity, so they can result in tangible ROI. Seasoned service providers and developers of digital asset management systems can handle foundation-level implementations, customizations, integration, and complex migrations.

Reputable providers of DAM systems and solutions maintain a proven network of platforms enable them to design and implement any DAM solution that fits your requirements. Full, continuous support is provided, too, so you do not have to look further for another provider. Some examples of high-quality digital asset management solutions are Picturepark and Canto Cumulus.


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