Top Mobile App Development Platforms

The demand for enterprise-ready mobile cross platform development is on the rise not only in Nextware’s home base of Orange County, but across the US. Large and medium sized companies, in particular, are adapting to the new mobile world. They now realize the many benefits of building their own enterprise-to-customer applications. This is why the market for mobile development platforms is seeing annual compound growth rates exceeding 38% – a $4.8 billion market in 2017. Statistics also suggest that more than 20 million enterprise apps will be developed by 2018.

What are the top mobile development platforms today? Nextware has some thoughts on the best choices for enterprises seeking to expand or improve their app development efforts.

•    Xamarin – The company recently received $54 million in investment and is methodically expanding its reach. Since Xamarin 2 was released, the platform has emerged as a leader in cross-platform development. Xamarin also recently announced enterprise partnerships with giants such as Xoriant, IBM, and Microsoft.

•    PhoneGap – This is easily one of the most popular cross platform development brands in the development community today. The PhoneGap platform is based on the Apache Cordova project; it is open source and is free to use, thus its popularity. Adobe purchased the company and is developing an enterprise version (now on beta trial).

•    Appcelerator – This enterprise-focused development platform lets developers use its Alloy MVC framework to write JavaScript—a language many developers are already familiar with. For enterprise customers, Appcelerator offers virtual private cloud options, which is necessary for sensitive data. This platform’s enterprise version likewise comes with performance management, monitoring, analytics, and dedicated infrastructure.

Looking to get an app developed? Look for a mobile app development company in Orange County that can build you a custom application for any platform or environment. The best mobile app developers can help decrease your system costs without compromising performance and functionality.


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