How to Decide Between Cloud SaaS CRM Software and On-Premise CRM Software Deployment

Are you trying to decide if your company should adapt Cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or On-Premise CRM Software deployment? Cloud SaaS offerings have a rapidly growing market share —and it’s easy to see why. There are many benefits to Cloud SaaS deployment in terms of effectiveness and cost efficiency. But is it right for you? Your company might benefit more from choosing cloud SaaS CRM if:

•    Little offline capability is required.
•    You require a departmental solution without delay but there is a lack of CRM strategy or executive support
•    You want to speed up the CRM implementation process.
•    Your business requires a software solution that grows with your operations as needed.
•    You currently don’t have a CRM disaster recovery plan so keeping data on someone else’s location makes sense.
•    Over the long term, your IT team is not big enough to support and manage a CRM system.

There are certainly many benefits to choosing Could SaaS SRM deployment, but this doesn’t mean that On-Premise CRM is dead. It might be better for your company to choose On-Premise CRM if:

•    Certain regulatory or legislative factors require you to host your own digital data (or host in in certain jurisdictions).
•    Your business requires extensive offline capabilities.
•    You want your CRM software to align with your existing ERP software system (Enterprise Resource Planning), and the on-premise product is superior (or different).

On-Premise CRM might also be the logical choice if your operations involve complex system integrations and large data volumes. Data integration is tricky enough to begin with—and several factors such as firewall configuration issues and large data volumes can complicate it further. Cloud SaaS systems often have trouble achieving tight integration. Solving this problem is key for providers of SaaS CRM solutions.


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